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Dell Studio 540 Power Supply Slim Desktop

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Tis is a genuine Dell Replacement Power Supply for your Studio 540 slim desktop computers.

It is guaranteed to fit and guaranteed to work.
Part Number: J038N, T498G, TFX0250D5W, XW604, XW605, XW605,YX299, XW784, YX299, YX301, YX302, YX303

Not sure if this is the right power supply for your Studio 540?

Dell Studio 540 Power Supply Slim Desktop

Dell Studio 540 Power Supply Slim Desktop
Dell Studio 540 Power Supply Slim Desktop

" Shipped quickly and works great. Thanks for the good service.
- Paul Beardsley ( 8/18/2015 ) "

Dell Studio 540 Power Supply

This Dell Studio 540 Power Supply was tested by Discount Electronics and is completely functional.

This is a refurbished & fully tested Dell Studio 540 power supply.  Compatible with Dell Part Numbers XW605, XW784, YX301, XW604, YX302, YX299, YX303, T498G, J038N, N038C.

(1) 20+4 Pin Motherboard Connector
(1) 4 pin Motherboard Connector
(2) Sata Power Connectors
(2) Molex Connector

You are viewing the best selection of Dell power supplies online! offers a 90 Day Warranty on all parts sold online. has been providing Dell parts since 1997.  No Sales tax outside of Texas - buy today and save!


This power supply will fit the Inspiron 530s. It is 250W and has 20+4 pin and 4 pin motherboard plugs as well as 2 Sata Power Connectors and 2 Molex Connectors.

Replaces Dell Part Numbers XW605, XW784, YX301, XW604, YX302, YX299, YX303, T498G, J038N, N038C.

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Shipped quickly and works great. Thanks for the good service.
- Paul Beardsley ( 8/18/2015 )
Power supply works great.Good price,arrived as expected.Great company
to deal with.
- kenneth blackbird ( 7/18/2015 )
I was angle to get a power supply with ease and the staff was very courteous and efficient
Shipping and receiving handled efficient as well
- Melvin Goldberg ( 7/5/2015 )
Shipping time was great. Unit worked well. This is a great outfit with which to do business.
Phil Bosma
- Philip Bosma ( 4/23/2015 )
Product was as advertised, arrived quick, worked good...
- Joe Reda ( 3/15/2015 )
Can't believe that we had to order this part twice in one week. Both times Discount Electronics came through with flying colors. Twice the parts installed quickly and worked flawlessly. Thanks, Discount Electronics!
- William Lee ( 1/31/2015 )
The guy that works on my computor was very pleased that we received the part in two day. Took him 10 minutes to put the power supply in, saved me lots of money. This was a busy time of the year and we still received it in two days. Thanks again and merry christmas
- Patricia Dix ( 12/21/2014 )
Power supply went on my inspiron 580s. Found this vendor online and they processed my order and shipped promptly. Only had the product installed a week, but it is up and running as expected. So far so good. Comes with 90 day warranty.
- FRED ROSENFELD ( 10/30/2014 )
Mostly a good deal. Shipped fast, installed easily with one exception: The cord for the small plug into the motherboard was too short "as-is". I had to remove the zip tie on the wiring bundle at the power supply to get the last bit of length necessary. It would be better if this was the same length as the original (Dell Optiplex 390) so it could go around the board rather than across it. Only other issue so far is the cooling fan runs loud, but the user stated he'll adjust as long as his patients don't complain.
- Maggie Dahl ( 10/30/2014 )
Super fast turn around time to ship the power supply. Arrived exactly when expected!
- Suzanne Loisch ( 10/25/2014 )
When my computer would not turn on, I was ready to take it to a repair shop. My son checked it out and said it needed a power supply. I could get one and he would put it in to save costly computer repair shops. I found Discount Electronics on my first internet search and found the power supply I needed at an amazing low price. It shipped quickly and I received it quickly. My son installed it with ease. My computer is now running without a hitch. I am super pleased with my purchase.
- Leona Bonebrake ( 9/5/2014 )
The power supply works great. The part was reasonably priced and arrived on time. No hassle.
- steve giorgi ( 6/17/2014 )
My Dell 540 Studio, Slim-line computer would not turn on or power-up. After calling Dell to confirm no replacement power supply offered by them, I made a query on Google to find a suitable replacement. Once I made a match on Discount Electronics, I was overwhelmed by their 90 day guarantee, which made me decide to purchase the needed power supply. Soon, I was able to press the power button on my Dell to see it illuminate white and start surfing the internet once again. A big thanks in appreciation to Discount Electronics.
- Joseph Labatch ( 6/6/2014 )
it was easy to finr power supply on site.Quick shipping and arrived as stated.Power supply installed and worked perfect.Iwould do business with Discount Electronics again.
- mike zizza ( 2/10/2014 )
I was able to easily find the power supply I needed. It shipped promptly and arrived as ordered. Installed and worked with no issues!
- Andrew Wilson ( 1/14/2014 )
Product shipped as expected, arrived as expected. Installed easily (although slim form cases are a pain to work with). Worked immediately. Who could ask for anything more?
- John Murphy ( 8/16/2011 )
5 Stars for the 531s Power Supply Barbara
- ( 2/22/2011 )

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