Nixeus Moda v2 Compact Mechanical Switch Keyboard

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Very well cared for, this keyboard is in good condition with some slight wearing on the key print.  Great action on the keys, and it's nice and compact.

Short Specs:

  • Nixeus Certified Mechanical Switches (Red Switch)
  • Key Switch Rating: Up to 50 million keystrokes for durability and long life
  • Ten Keyless design for ergonomic use
  • Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/10 And Mac OS


Compact and Durable for Longer Life

Stressed test by professional PC gamers that would destroy normal keyboards in a few months, Nixeus certified mechanical switches (Kailh) are solidly constructed, perfect for office work, long or fast typing sessions, gaming, and other applications that demand an ultra durable keyboard. Laser engraved labels ensure longer lasting keycaps. Nixeus certified mechanical key switches are quality controlled and tested with precision machinery from Switzerland.

Each individual switch provides up to 50 million key strokes--10 times the life of normal keyboards. The steel plate reinforced compact keyboard body provides solid build quality, longer life, and durability for the office warrior, on the go LAN parties, and pro gaming tournament globe trotters. The Nixeus MODA v2 Mechanical Keyboard includes Nixeus' 3 year limited warranty with free technical support.

MK-RD15 - Smooth Linear

MK-RD15 - Smooth Linear

The MK-RD15 features a red mechanical switch that produces a smooth linear feel with no tactile or audio feedback, making it perfect for office environments. Each switch offers a lower operation force of 45 grams and a shorter actuation distance without the need to fully press down the key. The red switch is the smoothest and fastest of the three MODA v2.

User Friendly

Utilizing USB plug and play technology, the Nixeus MODA v2 is easy to use and installs without the need for additional software. A windows lock feature prevents accidental exiting of games when enabled. Additional pre-programmed media key functions for volume +/-, mute, play, forward, back and stop buttons (while holding the FN key) allows for easy operation of your favorite computer media. 6-key rollover allows you to press multiple keys at once and optional ON/OFF N-key rollover allows for full anti-ghosting so every key is detected when pressed (not available on MAC OS Systems).

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