Interlogix GE-DS-82-POE 8-Port Fast Ethernet Layer 2+ Managed Switch

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This Interlogix GE-DS-82-POE 8-Port Fast Ethernet Layer 2+ Managed Switch is used but in excellent like new condition, and tested working. Power cable included. 


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  • Up to 256 Multicast Groups
  • Auto-Negotiation
  • Auto-MDI/MDI-X Detection
  • 2-Uplink Gigabit TP/SFP Combo Ports
  • 1 RS-232 Male DB9 Console Port
  • Supports Full-Duplex/Half-Duplex Modes
  • 5.6 Gbps Non-Blocking Switch Fabric
  • 9K Bytes Jumbo Frame Support
  • Advanced Security


The GE-DS-82-POE 8-Port Fast Ethernet Layer 2+ Managed Switch from General Electric offers eight 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet ports with 2 Gigabit TP/SFP combo ports. This cost-effective managed switch not only delivers easy web-based management, but also provides a centralized SNMP application to monitor the status of switch and traffic per port.


Robust Layer 2+ Features
For efficient switch management, this switch is easily programmed for switch management functions. Via a simple yet powerful set of built-in web services, the switch can facilitate Port Speed Configuration, Port Link Aggregation, IEEE 802.1Q VLAN and Q-in-Q VLAN, Port Mirroring, Spanning Tree and ACL security. The switch includes advanced features such as Multicasting with IGMP snooping and query, QoS (Quality of Service), broadcast storm and bandwidth control to enhance bandwidth utilization. This switch supports standard Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and includes an advanced SNMP feature set to monitor the status of the switch and traffic per port. The switch can also be monitored via any standards-based SNMP management software.
Engineered for Real-Time Performance
This switch is designed with a high performance wire-speed and switch architecture capable of providing a non-blocking switch fabric with throughput as high as 5.6 Gbps. To ensure optimum quality of service, the 8-port switch classifies and prioritizes Layer 2 802.1p or Layer 3 IP TOS/ DSCP traffic into four hardware queues that support strict or Weighted Round Robin (WRR) queuing algorithms. This functionality provides maximum allocation of limited network resources and guarantees best performance for real-time applications.
Full Power, Isolated Per Port PoE
Featuring IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) operation, this switch provides optimized deployment and safe power management of edge devices such as IP Surveillance cameras, access control panels, wireless access points (WAP) and Voice over IP (VoIP). Full power PoE is provided to all 8 ports with no power sharing, and added port circuit protection isolates and prevents power interference between ports.
Advanced Security
This switch also offers comprehensive Layer 3 and Layer 4 Access Control List (ACL) to filter out unwanted traffic, the result of protection mechanisms that comprise RADIUS and Port-Based 802.1x user and device authentication. In addition, the switch provides MAC filter, Static MAC, IP/MAC binding and Port Security for enforcing security policies to the edge. With enterprise class switches, a network administrator can now construct a highly secure network with considerably less time and effort.
High-performance Switch Architecture
  • Complies with the IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3ab, IEEE 802.3z standards
  • High performance Store and Forward architecture and runt/CRC filtering eliminates erroneous packets to optimize the network bandwidth
  • Broadcast/multicast/unicast storm control
  • 5.6 Gbps non-blocking switch fabric
  • 9K bytes Jumbo frame support
  • 8K MAC address table, automatic source address learning and aging
Full Multicast Support for IP Video
  • IGMP Snooping v1 and v2 fast leave
  • IGMP Query mode support
  • Up to 256 multicast groups
VLAN Support
  • IEEE 802.1Q Tag-Based VLAN
  • Up to 255 VLANs groups, out of 4041 VLAN IDs
  • Port-Based VLAN
  • Q-in-Q tunneling (Double Tag VLAN)
Spanning Tree Protocol
  • STP, IEEE 802.1D (Spanning Tree Protocol)
  • MSTP, IEEE 802.1s (Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol)
Quality of Service
  • 4 priority queues on all switch ports
  • Traffic classification:
    - IEEE 802.1p Class of Service
    - IP TOS/DSCP code priority
    - Port Base priority
  • Strict priority and weighted round robin (WRR) CoS policies
  • Ingress/Egress Bandwidth Control on each port
Power over Ethernet
  • Complies with IEEE 802.3af Standard
  • 180 W power budget
  • Auto-detects PoE powered devices (PD)
  • Provides full-power (15.4 W) PoE on each port - no port sharing
  • Circuit protection isolates and prevents power interference between ports
  • End-Span (PSE) configuration supplies power up to 100 m
  • PoE Management Features:
    - Total power budget control
    - Per port control (enable/disable, priority, power limit)
    - PD classification detection
    - Power Supply Over temperature Protection
Link Aggregation
  • IEEE 802.3ad LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol)
  • Up to 13 Trunk groups
  • Up to 8 ports per trunk group with 1.6 Gbps bandwidth (Full Duplex mode)
  • Supports Cisco ether-Channel (Static Trunk)
Advanced Security
  • IEEE 802.1x Port-based authentication
  • RADIUS users access authentication
  • Layer 3 and Layer 4 Access Control List (ACL)
  • MAC Filtering and Source IP/MAC address port-binding
  • Port Mirroring to monitor incoming or outgoing traffic on a particular port
Switch Management
  • Local console or remote switch management via web browser, Telnet CLI, SNMP v1, v2c
  • SNMP Trap for alarm notification of events
  • Four RMON groups 1, 2, 3, 9 (history, statistics, alarms, and events)
  • Built-in Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) client
  • Configuration upload/download via TFTP or HTTP
  • Firmware upgrade via TFTP or HTTP
  • Supports Ping function
  • Reset button for system management
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