Intel NUC Kit D34010WYK -Windows 10


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How do you use your Intel NUC?







Multiple HD Displays: Because one HD screen is never enough.

Rapid Start: Less Waiting. More Gaming.

Multiple Ports: Room for the peripherals so you can drive like you do in real life.

Supports 4K Display: For immersive visuals.

Smaller Than a DVR: Or your grandma’s VCR.

Built-In WIFI: So you can stream all the Netflix* you want.

Vesa Mount: DIY your own All in One with a single screwdriver.

Bluetooth: Hook up your Bluetooth speakers and go all retro boombox cool.

Storage: Up to 2 TB of storage for all the pictures of kittens and tacos that you take.


Game On Your TV From Your PC

Intel NUC allows gamers to bring their mainstream gaming experience into the living room. With its ample graphics performance, the Intel NUC can power your mainstream, casual, and indie game catalogues from the couch. What once was an experience only to be had on the small screen of your desktop or laptop can now be realized and shared on the full-size high definition display located in a common area of your home.


Home Entertainment

Intel NUC gives you the power you need to play, entertain, and inspire. Get the powerful capabilities of a complete desktop system packaged into four small inches, including built-in WiFi, Bluetooth*, and mini HDMI*. Experience eye-popping visuals and immersive 7.1 surround sound, all in a stylish Mini PC that can easily fit into any room.


Shrink Your Desktop

Shrink your desktop with the Intel NUC, featuring Intel Anti-Theft Technology and support for Vesa-mount brackets. From school and university computer labs to government and nonprofit organizations, the thin, Intel NUC form factor is perfect for small spaces.

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