Employee of the Month
SEPTEMBER 2014 - Tom
Need something done? Call Tom - it's that easy. From managing critical aspects of the online business to designing and constructing fancy store displays for our retail locations, Tom does all this and everything in between. Tom's been with DE since before most people can remember, and his hard work and dedication are unparalleled and appreciated by everyone here. Best of all - he's a fun guy to work with! Thanks, Tom!
Tom hangs at the Wall St. location.
NOVEMBER 2013 - Fernando M.
Fernando "The Man" was EOM for November. He helps out in all area's of the warehouse with what ever is needed. He also helps out at Anderson Lane with the warehouse, setting up for the Christmas party etc. Whenever he's called upon he's the first to step up to challenge and a great all around employee. We really appreciate his work ethic as he always gets the job done.
Fernando hangs at the Wall St. location.
Previous Winners
OCTOBER 2013 - Isaiah J.
He's the newest member of our prep team and has prepared the most computers for the month of October. Isaiah way to Go!..Appreciate the HARD WORK!
SEPTEMBER 2013 - Leila Z. (TIE!)
Leila took charge with our growing amount of repairs in RR. She sets guidelines for the employees to follow during the check-in process and call back process. She follows up with all completed repairs to insure that those time sensitive customers get their machines back ASAP. Her take the bull by the horns approach has allowed RR repair dept to handle all repairs correctly and effectively.
SEPTEMBER 2013 - Juan M. (TIE!)
Juan started with us a few months ago. He has been able to handle the growing amount of repairs that RR has. He provides the customers with diagnostic results within 24hr and sometimes even same day. He does it all - from testing to reloads to soldering. He has made tech of the month back to back, 2 of the 3 months he has been employed by DE. He continues to provide assistance not only on technical issues but also in sales with his ability to speak Spanish and help our Spanish speaking community. He is truly a asset to the RR Discount Electronics and RR community.
AUGUST 2013 - Lu M.
Lu is the assistant manager at the South West Military location. She has been with our company for six years. She is a very positive and enthusiastic person. She goes over and beyond in assisting everyone who walks through the doors. Lu Rocks!
Lu hangs at the South San Antonio location.
JULY 2013 - Sean S. (TIE!)
If you've got a problem, Sean can help. If you need a product, Sean can help. If something is broken, Sean can help. If you just need advice, Sean can help. Unable to find anything Sean couldn't help with, we decided to name him Employee of the Month for July.
Sean hangs at the South Austin location.
JULY 2013 - Nicole M. (TIE!)
Nicole is the manager at the Loop 410 location in San Antonio. Her leadership skills ensure her store is successful and she always maintains a high level of customer service. Thanks, Nicole!
Nicole hangs at the Loop 410 location.
JUNE 2013 - Robert H.
Robert from our Loop 410 location in San Antonio is a top-notch retail employee. He continues to leave customers satisfied time after time by listening to their needs and matching them with the perfect product. He's motiviated to provide excellent service which makes him one of the most successful employees at Discount Electronics.
Robert hangs at the Loop 410 location.
MAY 2013 - Nathan Woodward
Nathan has made some significant improvements to the website as well as many other areas at Discount Electronics. Everyone benefits from the excellent work he does and his efforts are greatly appreciated.
Nathan hangs at the North Austin location.
APRIL 2013 - Atee Townsend
Atee never misses work and is always on time. Always follows through when asked to do something including helping out in other areas of the warehouse. He fills all store orders and does all the receiving and supervising in Make Ready. True team player and a huge help.
Atee hangs at the Internet Sales location.
MARCH 2013 - Davy Vega
Davy contributes in all areas of the warehouse with a can-do attitude. Davy handles all store order requests, testing and supports Make Ready. He's a great asset to DE and the warehouse.
Davy hangs at the Internet Sales location.
FEBRUARY 2013 - Larry Trevino
Larry went well above his normal job responsibilities in February. Larry is the Warehouse Manager for our north
San Antonio location. When something needs to be done, all you have to do is find Larry. He can do anything in the store - repairs, sales, inventory control, product delivery, and more - all while wearing a smile on his face. Larry's willingness to be the ultimate teammate is a huge reason for PCO/DE's success.
Congrats Larry - You deserve it!
Visit him at the North San Antonio Store today!
JANUARY 2013 - Matt Gustafson
Congratulations to Matt Gustafson!

Matt "Money" G. has been an essential part of the success at DE for over four years. Matt's leadership and enthusiam has produced tremendous results at DE's biggest retail location. Matt is an intelligent, capable, dedicated, and personable leader. He is always quick on his feet, with sensible reactions in all circumstances. Matt is definately an intergal part of DE's success and we appreciate his hard work. Thanks, Matt!
Visit him at the North Austin Store today!
DECEMBER 2012 - Ryan Dennis
team play·er
Noun: A person who plays or works well as a member of a team or group.

Ryan Dennis' name could easily be used for the definition of team player. Ryan's contributions to DE are numerous. Ryan wears the most hats in the company and is willing to help with any project. Ryan's responsibilities include :

- Network issues
- Server issues
- Phone line issues
- Creates all promotional media and print media
- Creates web pages
- New store set up - completes all the networking and cabling

He has installed most of the wireless hot spots that DE sponsors in local businesses. He is extremely resourceful and excels when given a task, even if the task involves something that is completely new to him. His technical knowledge and critical thinking skills make him a very valuable part of the team. No matter where you are in the Anderson Lane store you are surrounded by Ryan's work. He made that sign, he ran that cable, he installed that printer, he made that coworker laugh. Ryan is DE, he helps make this company what it is, and it is a better company because of him.

Most importantly, most of the projects are thrown on him at last minute and urgent matter. He always takes them on gets them completed with accuracy and proficiency.

Congratulations Ryan, you are definitely an ASSET to DE. We appreciate your hard work
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Mousey is the most awesome-est mascot ever. He always flies around, doing his thing - discounting computer stuff!
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