Build your own computer online and get it FAST.


Discount Electronics now lets you build you own computer bundle directly on the website. The best part? It ships fast – usually the very same day.

What’s in a bundle? You choose your favorite computer, monitor, and mouse and keyboard. All the cables you need are included. Select upgrades before you lock in your bundle, such as sweet speakers, a speedy laser printer, and a Wi-Fi hotspot adapter and you’ve got your perfect package with all the options at an incredible price. But don’t take my word for it – check it out!

Should I buy the extended warranty?


Let me answer that with another question. What’s wrong with the warranty that came with the computer? Many big box retailers are charging in excess of $100 for in store warranties. One sales associate described it to me like this. ‘If you don’t buy the extended warranty you are at the mercy of the manufacturer and we all know how that can be.’ While his statement may have been accurate it was not reassuring.

Why is it that goods can be sold with such flimsy warranties? Big box retailer #1 will stand behind the computer or laptop you buy from them for 14 days and then either you pay big bucks for the extended warranty or take a hike. I asked specifically, ‘If this laptop’s hard drive fails 6 weeks from now could I return it for an exchange?’ ‘Absolutely not.’ The clerk says. ‘If you have paid for the extended warranty we will fix it. If you didn’t buy the warranty you will need to take it up with the manufacturer.’ Then he ads ‘I’m not sure they’d cover a hard drive, since there is software on it.

I think there is something inherently wrong with all of this. That is why Discount Electronics includes an in store warranty on every product we sell at no additional charge. You never need to go back to the manufacturer. Every Computer and Laptop we sell comes with a year long parts and labor warranty. If that PC or notebook fails withing a year we will fix it for you for free. And we’ll do it right there in that store, fast. If you bought it online our Wall Street facility will preform the repair.

I am often asked why Discount Electronics is so successful and why the stores are always so busy. Service after the sale is the answer I always give. Buy one computer or laptop from us and you will never buy anywhere else again. Why would you? We can sell you quality Dell equipment at a fraction of the original cost and give you a warranty better than the one you pay for at the Big Box retailer. Many of our computers and laptops are so cheap that you will pay less for the computer and the warranty than you would pay for the warranty alone at the other store.

So the answer to the first question is NO.

What to do With Your Old Gadgets?


So you moved up to the latest and greatest iPad or or Android phone. Now what do you do with the old one? You could leave it in the kitchen drawer for a couple years, give it to a needy neighbor or turn it into that paperweight you always wanted. Or you could turn it into cold hard cash.

Discount Electronics will pay you on the spot for your old electronic stuff. We buy tablets, phones, laptops, monitors, computers, laser printers, computer parts, game consoles, electronics guitars and other instruments, LCD TVs and just about anything else with an on/off switch.

It’s easy. Just bring your stuff and your ID into any of our stores and we will make you a fair offer and buy it on the spot. Even if you aren’t close to one of our Central Texas stores Money Matt G will help you sell your stuff through UPS.

No matter whether you have one broken iPad or your company has 100 old laptops  we’ll buy them all. Just come on buy or give us a call at 512-459-0026.

Can I Customize a Refurbished Computer or Laptop?


Not that long ago, the answer to that question was ‘no’. We here at Discount Electronics were asked that very question so often that we had to do something about it because, well, we just hate to say no to our customers.

So now the answer is ‘yes’, you can customize a refurbished Dell PC or laptop. Want to double the memory, no problem. Want a second hard drive, sure thing. You want a dual video card and 2 monitors? Coming right up.

It took us a little while to get the website side of things up and running but the real tricky part was getting the equipment upgraded in time to get it in UPS trucks the same day you ordered. After all we are known as the fastest computer store in the West. But with a little schooling from Henry Ford and some trial and error we are now right on schedule.

Every custom PC or Dell Laptop you order before 3pm will ship the same day. That stands even if you want a bigger hard drive, more memory AND a wireless network card. Go ahead, test us.

Should I repair my PC or replace it?


To repair or replace, that is the question. I watch people contemplate this decision daily. Their PC has broken. Parts and labor bring the bill to nearly $100. They look across our store and see that for less than $200 they can get a better PC with a year long warranty. What to do?

There is much to consider. What about all the applications you have loaded on your PC. Assuming your troubles are hardware and not OS related, fixing your PC leaves all your software in tact. There’s nothing to re-install, just put it back where it was and go back to work.

Buying a new PC may make better financial sense. After all, $200 will buy a darn good computer at and it comes with a warranty that assures you’ll have no repair bills for a year. It’s probably better and faster than your old one, so why not?

If there is any truth to the saying time is money it is certainly applied here. Anyone who has had to start from scratch with a new PC understands how much time is involved setting the new machine up. Few of us have that extra day it will take to locate and re-install all the software needed to do what we do. There will be that scratched or missing CD or the application that has reached it’s limit to the number of installs.

I was told yesterday that Office 2013 is now a single use application. If you are going to install it a second time you will need to prove to Microsoft that your old machine broke. One source said that, even then, you could only re-install the software if the computer had broken under warranty. Yikes!

Then you are left with that old PC to dispose of and the data on your old hard drive. You can’t exactly set that by the curb. I realize I have left you with more questions than answers. That was my intention. You will need to think through the repair or replace dilemma on your own considering everything I mentioned and make a decision that best fits your situation.

Whichever you decide to do we are here to help. Every location of has full service repair for all brands of computers and laptops and all 7 locations can sell you a PC or laptop at a price you just might not believe.